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March 2011


28% of homes sold in San Diego in February 2011 are bought in cash by investors.


With the Australian Dollar very strong (40% stronger than 1+ year ago) and home prices in Australia relatively high, it becomes really attractive to buy homes in Phoenix, Arizona which sell for 55% less than the top price in 2006.

Note: there are also several stories of Australians scamped with these real estate deals.

A $100,000 home sold in 2006, might sell for $45,000 (that is no exception in Phoenix area, or Las Vegas area).

With the AUD $ = USD $ ($1 for 1 UAD$), currently the echnage is roughly 20% better than in early 2007 and 40% better than in early 2009.

This "makes it feel" another 20-40% more affordable than the allready 55% drop!

Do not forget that for the "avarage school teacher" or "average government worker", the cost to but is 40-70% less than 4 years ago. Only problem, the banks as real questions now. It is a great time to buy for people. Make sure that you get (below) current value.

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Who's buying houses now?

Despite low mortgage interest rates, a smaller percentage of first-time home buyers are entering the market, according to an annual profile of buyers and sellers just released by the National Association of Realtors.

Single women make up 22%; single men, just 9%

The percentage of single female home buyers, however, inched up in the survey to its highest level on record. Twenty-two percent of all home buyers were female and on their own, up from 21% a year ago and up from 14% in 1995. In comparison, single males accounted for 9% of home buyers, unchanged from last year.

In 2006, a typical home sold for 98% of the listing price in this year's report; it sold for 99% of its listing price a year ago.

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